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Two major announcements

posted Jul 19, 2013, 6:17 AM by Karl Hakkarainen   [ updated Jul 19, 2013, 6:20 AM ]
Dear Members and Friends of Phillipston's Historical Society,

Exciting things are happening at the Historical Society of Phillipston!! As introduced at our annual meeting iii May, there are two major events that are happening this year:

The first took place on June 20th when the Historical Society accepted the gift of three acres of land located in the Goulding Village area of Town. This vitally historic land was once the home of at least three large industrial mill sites which were powered by the running water exiting from Queen Lake. The immense stone foundations still exist and are a clear reminder that this section of Town was once the center of industry in Phillipston over 150 years ago. This very generous gift was the result of two years of planning which was initiated and guided by Don Wilson, coordinated by Linda Langevin, and given with pleasure by Patience Bundschuh of Royalston. Because of their love of history, Patience Bundschuh and her late husband, Werner, had been stewards of this unique property for about 40 years. They had lovingly preserved this land while encouraging Phillipston residents to tour it and learn about its history. This year, Patience's desire to forever preserve and enhance this historic site became a reality by her gift of this land to the Historical Society. We are honored to be chosen to accept this gift and its care.

The second major event is happening even as I type this letter. The Society's museum, presently located at 50 State Road, is being prepared to be moved up the road about 1000 feet to the 1.4 acre lot just to the right of Phillipston's Fire Station. Our neighbors, Dan and Roger McHugh, owners of Brookside Equipment, offered the Society this land in trade for our small lot with the understanding that they would cover the cost of having our museum building moved by a professional moving company. They also generously agreed to fund a full foundation for our building (which presently has none). The move greatly benefits us both: Brookside will have an excellent entrance for their business and we will have a lot that will allow space for parking, holding functions, as well as for building a future addition. To be sure, the Society has several areas in which we are responsible for upgrading including the installation of a well and septic system - improvements we've already been planning, fundraising and saving for.

The museum building is being readied for the move as one can see by all the excavating activity occurring at the present site. But, the actual move has not yet been scheduled as several other tasks and legal documents must yet be prepared. Nevertheless, we do intend to proceed with our Antique Tractor, Truck, Car and Engine Show, but it will be held at our new location to the right (east) of the fire station. It will be held on Saturday, July 20th unless it rains on that afternoon, in which case it will be held the next day on Sunday, July 21st. Please come to see the antique vehicles as well as our new "home" property!

Hoping to see you soon!
Linda Langevin, President